The Pastel Palette Method

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two Days to Opening

Each day I get up in the morning and go to my customer service job (one hour commute each way). This is where I make my money to pay bills. Its for 8.5 hours a day. I try and make sure that I am able to work somewhere that I can forget about it about 15 seconds after I punch out. This is what Einstein said to do. It works. I am able to paint freely without financial concerns that creep into my art commercially. My philosophy is to paint like the painting on the easel will be your only expression about who you are and what you are about. Its then that you are forced to be more profound.
Art for art's sake, I do not believe it. I feel art is is about sharing life with another, much like a message in a bottle from a deserted island. Art is an act born out of a need to connect. When it is honest, humble, kind and down to earth, it connects with a multitude. Too many artists today feel entitled (and you know who you are) .
Do I want to be free to paint without a full time job? Of course I do. If that happens I will be very happy. Does being a fulltime artist mean I am a successful artist? Not at all. It will make being a successful artist, much more difficult because success is a test. Success is a test to see that being truthful and humble while struggling financially is easy but while financially and critically applauded is most difficult.
Thanks for letting me ramble on. Having a body of work up on the walls for all to see is like being a naked for all to see.
Take Care and Keep Creating,


  1. i like you. i like your perspective.
    so grateful to you and margie for
    sharing this part of your lives.
    honest, humble, kind and down to earth.
    you have this. your paintings are well-received.

  2. I appreciate all of your kind and encouraging words, you are very kind. I wish you could have gone to the show but I will post lots of pics:)Thank you

  3. Thanks for your humility and honesty, Timothy. I empathize with you completely. I often consider myself an incurable dreamer. But your dreams are becoming a reality. This is a very special time for you and I just hope you have time to appreciate all you have accomplished. I am trying desperately to be able to attend the reception after the Garrison Art Center's Artists On Location event.

  4. Hi Gerry, Thanks so much for always being so supportive, I am honored. I am in the Allied Artists of America Show this November, end of the month. If you are able, this show is closer to you, at the National Arts Club in NYC. Have a great time in Garrison.

  5. What a great posting! Being creative and sharing is certainly an act in faith...

    Not sure I'll be able to make the opening, which I'm sure will be a great success, but know that I am proud of you and wish you all the best!


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