The Pastel Palette Method

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unscheduled break yesterday

Yesterday I was under the weather. Work, artwork, preparation for the show, all caught up with me. I did not do much except work a little work on a portrait. We are framing the remaining pieces and getting ready for the hanging on Friday. The "time out" was good yesterday. It helped me to regain my perspective that its: God first, then family and then my art. The other stuff is window dressing. That's not to say that window dressing is not important.
When I was a kid my Mom would always say to me, "You can not paint these beautiful pictures and put them against the wall of your bedroom. You need to get them out in the world where people can see them." There was also a time period in my life, 10 years to be exact, that I stopped painting seriously. I had gotten into gardening, karate, computer building to name a few distractions. One day, I was showing off a huge radish that I had grown in the garden ; My Dad said, "You should be painting."  I was so mad, but you know what, he was 100 percent right. There are many, many factors in my life that make me feel good and fulfilled, but I am not right until I am painting. Painting is not the most important part of the puzzle but its a huge piece.

So, this show, this weekend,  is a summary of the last few years of my life; The ups and the downs the triumphs and failures. The paintings are real and that is what this show is about. Its about the huge piece of the puzzle. I am doing what I should and thus I don't grow anymore radishes :).
I am painting and the paintings are no longer against the walls of my studio but out in the world. Thanks Mom and Dad.


  1. timothy, i'm so impressed. and,
    i am enjoying your blog. i have
    stories like this - your blog is
    so relatable. it's a blessing to
    have those in our lives that can,
    at times, help us see more clearly.

  2. Im wondering how many online classes u have,
    im really interested in ur work and id like to learn some from u


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