The Pastel Palette Method

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

40 Galleries in 40 Days! Day 2

Hi All,
Today is day 2, in the 40 Galleries in 40 days. I am working hard to get that number so I am sending out more than one each day. Today I sent my work to a Gallery in New York City and two in Boston, and

Normally I would say to myself that I am not ready but today, now I will take this leap of faith.That makes 5 major galleries, that shows work similar to mine, that I have sent my website to. I have also stayed up unto 2 AM last night updating and making my website look better,
Thank you everyone for encouraging me and being on this journey with me. I definitely will keep you up to date as to any news from the galleries. Stay Creative everyone.
God Bless,


  1. You're making a great start... website looks awesome!

  2. Thank you Margaret, I love your encouragement!

  3. Im wondering how many online classes u have,
    im really interested in ur work and id like to learn alot from u


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