The Pastel Palette Method

Monday, October 11, 2010

40 Galleries in 40 Days!

I want to thank everyone that has been extremely and supportive lately. The show preparation was stressful and everything was finished under the gun Thank God!!!
The portrait of Jani was finished at 11 AM just before I left for the gallery. I had to get a hair cut, buy and cut fruit as well as deliver everything before 4. The labels were printed the night before and applied just minutes before the gate opened to the gallery at 6PM.
There were a larger number of visitors than I had imagined and the turn out made me feel very very good. It was an honor to show with Margie Resto-Smith, PSA amd David Buckbinder.
There are many pictures of the show and the wonderful friends and family that attended, as well as many wonderful new friends that had come to see our work.
I have not fully spread my wings yet as to going for a more financially successful career in my art.
I am going to use this wonderful and encouraging experience to do an online experiment. I will be documenting a 40 Galleries in 40 Days". This means I will approach 40 art galleries for representation in just 40 days. With the great feelings of confidence, I am going to strike out and share the experience with you all. Please let me know what you think?
Take care and Stay Creative,


  1. That's great news... Wishing all the success you deserve!

  2. That's a brilliant idea Timothy! I look forward to seeing your progress. 40 days and 40 nights! -- sounds biblical! :>)


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