The Pastel Palette Method

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 5 "40 Galleries in 40 Days".

Its day 5 in the “40 Galleries in 40 Days”. I received my first rejection letter. I was not bummed but happy; I am happy because to be rejected, I have to expand my circle. I will not be denied this opportunity to send my work to galleries that otherwise would not see my work, if I was not conducting this experiment.

I went into Manhattan today and had seen a show in a high profile gallery. I was happy to be there. I did see the work of an artist that sold their piece for 20,000 dollars. I know that my work is as technically sound and I feel I can match up with this artist as well as the others that show at this gallery. If this sounds cocky, I hope that it doesn't. That is not the intent of the statement. We all should recognize our hard work and talent, even when many may not. That is OK, because Colonel Sanders , after realizing that he could not live on Social Security, started offering his secret recipe to restaurants. He received over 1000 “NO”s before he received a yes. The rest is history. We can only sell what we believe in. 

This evening I sent my work to two galleries in St. Louis. Its a great city and has a very large culture minded population. As always, I am straight forward in my emails and let them know I would like to represented by their galleries.

Believe in yourselves and share your dreams to your confidants!
God Bless,


  1. You're doing good! Keep it up, you will find the right galleries to represent you and wonderful work!


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