The Pastel Palette Method

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day One, 40 Galleries in 40 days

Day One
In the spirit of the 40 Galleries in 40 days I went ahead and sent my portfolio, which is on my website to two high end galleries. The first is on the east coast...
which is located in New York City and I sent my portfolio to a west coast gallery in San Francisco...
I feel that I would normally shy away from sending my work to these type of high end galleries but I am going to leap by faith and not by what I see.It is time to move outside of my comfort zone and expand my circle. If I don't reach the top, how could I pull the good people up with me? How can I be a blessing to those who have been a blessing to me all of my life?
Thank you for coming along on my journey of expanding my horizons and trusting in God for all good things.
God Bless,

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