The Pastel Palette Method

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Hanging of the Show is Today!

This morning the rain was beating on the windows of the studio. There were half framed paintings strewn about and I came to the realization that there is no way I could go to work this morning and still be prepared for the hanging! I am very happy with my "Front Seven" paintings. These are the works that I have done in the last year.

As all artists, as time passes, we like the older work less and less. We have to get the food ready for tomorrow and make sure everything is set up before the opening at 6 PM on Saturday.

There are artists that have more acclaim that belong to galleries where they do all the work and the artist just needs to grace the gallery with their presence at the opening. I personally enjoy the process of hanging and help prepare the event for the opening night. Like each painting and drawing, its the process that is the pay off and keeps me coming back for more, to do better next time.

There will be approx. 15-20 paintings of mine in the show. Some paintings people will like and some people won't; however when the work is honest it can not always be pleasing.  When I was in a college creative writing class, my freshman year, I had this amazing teacher, Ms. Calendril. She told me about my poetry, "When you work more and more a variety of emotions and points of view will present themselves."  She is so correct about my poetry and this applies to my art as well. Thanks for letting me ramble on.

Stay Creative,

PS: The show had gotten some press today!

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