The Pastel Palette Method

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Today is the Opening! Aaaaaaa!!!

HI All,
Today is the opening and I am finally finished with the final painting of the show. We still have lots to do such as print the labels and then get ready.  There are so many things that could over shadow this day but , as being a man of faith, I know that God has this day in the palm of his hand.
Thank you in advance for all whom are coming to the opening. Its truly an honor that you would travel to see my work. I am touched. I enjoy painting and drawing more than any endeavor and I would do it even if I have never made a penny on it.
Where do we go from here after the show is over? I think I will work hard to create more pieces that are geared to touch as many people as possible. I will work more closely to perfect my techniques as well as procure new ones. I will be posting pictures and a video of the opening this week for all those you were unable to make it.
Once again, thank you everyone for all your support, encouraging words and friendship.
God Bless,

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