The Pastel Palette Method

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday and trying to grab a few hours in the studio for art's sake

Hi All,

Today was Monday. My 9-5 was alright. It gives me lots of time to think about the direction of my life and my career. I am a visual person so the sights of the gray skies and the women dressed n earth colors are still in my mind from my walk. Each day, on my lunch break, I walk and pray, listening to the NIV version of the Bible on my iPad. Its my quiet time with God. Its a lunch date I never want to break.

Seeking God's will for my life is my biggest question each afternoon. Something God will whisper parts of His plan for me, in that still small voice. If you think I am crazy, then try and spend time with God, meditating on His Word. You will find out as well.

I am a painter and my hands are like a thoroughbred horse stuck in the stable. My hands are made to create and when they are not...they cramp up. I cramp up spiritually. I am not special. We all have our spiritual gifts that are bestowed upon us , undeservedly. Some of us can cook the most exquisite meals while others may have the gift of music; still others are talented film makers. Maybe these gifts are God's way of helping us get through the storms of life? Before I go to bed this evening, I am going to do something that feeds the gift that God has given. I hope you do as well.

Here is a beautiful song by one of today's most talented song writers, Matraca Berg.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Portrait Commissions and New Painting

Hi All,
Today is Sunday. I have two portrait commissions and I am looking for a model for the "Ruth" painting. Its so difficult to find the right person. Also its scary asking new people because most are weary of accepting, and rightfully so!
For the past year I have been stuck in survival mode. Its been a year of getting my head on straight and learning to live with the adverse circumstances of life. It is so difficult to stay creative and reach for lofty artistic goals when I was just trying to get out of bed each morning. In the past year, I did learn something valuable: That I am strong enough , with God; that I am not alone in the world. Many, many of us have been through such difficult, painful, and lonely times. Some of us are going through those times right now!
Inspirational is found in the mother who continues to love after the death of her son, or the gentleman in his late 50s, who was laid off and looks for work each day in faith without giving up. Maybe I have not painted that much in the past year but God, has taught me, through the valley of trials, what inspiration is; Its faith, long suffering, loyalty, kindness, and perseverance.
I am reading a great book by the pro football quarterback, Drew Brees, "Coming Back Stronger".  He too early in his career wondered if it was all over before it started but He found the secret, honor God in all you do and leave the results up to God.
Have a Blessed Day everyone,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

40 Galleries in 40 Days on Hold, for now

With great passion comes wonderfully strong characteristics like faith, perserverance, high energy and enthusiasm; however that same passion can bring impatience, confusion, and despair. I am struggling with those elements but my walk with God is making it possible to even write this blog entry. The Bible says, Sorrow lasts through the evening but joy comes in the morning!

Its been a rough stretch for me these past few weeks. With lots of prayer and courage that comes from a quiet walk with God, and truly wonderful people that have encouraged me, I am able to stand up (even though my knees get weak now and then).

I don't see the morning but by faith I will endure and wait for the dawn to break during this season.
I am still painting as much as I can, this is a work in progress called " Currency #4" Psalms 49:7 , Pastel on Canvas 24x30".   There is still lots to be done.

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