The Pastel Palette Method

Sunday, January 9, 2011

40 Galleries in 40 Days on Hold, for now

With great passion comes wonderfully strong characteristics like faith, perserverance, high energy and enthusiasm; however that same passion can bring impatience, confusion, and despair. I am struggling with those elements but my walk with God is making it possible to even write this blog entry. The Bible says, Sorrow lasts through the evening but joy comes in the morning!

Its been a rough stretch for me these past few weeks. With lots of prayer and courage that comes from a quiet walk with God, and truly wonderful people that have encouraged me, I am able to stand up (even though my knees get weak now and then).

I don't see the morning but by faith I will endure and wait for the dawn to break during this season.
I am still painting as much as I can, this is a work in progress called " Currency #4" Psalms 49:7 , Pastel on Canvas 24x30".   There is still lots to be done.

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