The Pastel Palette Method

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Portrait Commissions and New Painting

Hi All,
Today is Sunday. I have two portrait commissions and I am looking for a model for the "Ruth" painting. Its so difficult to find the right person. Also its scary asking new people because most are weary of accepting, and rightfully so!
For the past year I have been stuck in survival mode. Its been a year of getting my head on straight and learning to live with the adverse circumstances of life. It is so difficult to stay creative and reach for lofty artistic goals when I was just trying to get out of bed each morning. In the past year, I did learn something valuable: That I am strong enough , with God; that I am not alone in the world. Many, many of us have been through such difficult, painful, and lonely times. Some of us are going through those times right now!
Inspirational is found in the mother who continues to love after the death of her son, or the gentleman in his late 50s, who was laid off and looks for work each day in faith without giving up. Maybe I have not painted that much in the past year but God, has taught me, through the valley of trials, what inspiration is; Its faith, long suffering, loyalty, kindness, and perseverance.
I am reading a great book by the pro football quarterback, Drew Brees, "Coming Back Stronger".  He too early in his career wondered if it was all over before it started but He found the secret, honor God in all you do and leave the results up to God.
Have a Blessed Day everyone,

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