The Pastel Palette Method

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Passion in Each Stage

Do you ever go through the motions during the week, waiting for the weekend? Have you watched the clock on your computer monitor hoping that your lunch break would arrive already? Believe me when I say to you that this describes me quite accurately :)

We are always looking to the destination so that we miss the joy of the the space between here and where we are going. Granted,where we are is usually not as exciting as where we are going. This is usually an excuse to move through periods of our lives flat and uninterested; are we not afraid that such an experience might effect where we are going? Everything we do does have a ripple effect, there is no escaping this result.

So this is where it relates to us artists; if we want to paint and draw pictures with passion, we need to have that passion in each and every stage of the work. Without passion in any one stage, will have a ripple effect onto the subsequent stages and ultimately to the final piece.

This does include the planning stage and the organization stage of the work. Make sure you that you don't rush through that either, to get to the act of drawing or painting.

Passion throughout the work will create pieces of art that are stronger in both content and technique. It will be finished, when it gets done. One amazing piece of art is better than 1000 mediocre works without passion.

God Bless,


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