The Pastel Palette Method

Friday, April 5, 2013


It's Friday and the word alone brings a sense of peace. For me it means a freedom from the demands of the day to day struggle to survive. I think the best part of being a kid (when I was a kid) was that we didn't have that pulling towards the "have to's" in life.

We artists are not too good with the "have to's". Who is? However I know it's accentuated with artists ( whether it be visual artists, singers, writers or dancers ). How do I handle it, and attempt to keep balance,  is not always easy for me.

I see the "have to's" ( work, food shopping, laundry and the like ) as pieces to the puzzle of the big picture of my life. Without each ingredient being a part of the making of a delicious cherry pie, the cherry pie will cease to be all it could. The missing ingredient, although it may be small, will effect adversely the whole pie.

So on this Friday, I am on the train and on my way to work at my 9-5.

Have a Blessed Weekend,
Tim :)

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