The Pastel Palette Method

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Breathe Life in Your Morning Routine

Did you know that most of the things that we create art with start out as dust? Charcoal, graphite, paint and pastel and ink all begin in a powdered state. We as artists and writers, have the blessing of turning dust into something that has life and vitality! It is the gift of creation from God.

Some of us have hour long commutes and some are just a few feet from the bedroom to the home office. Either way, we have the choice how to start our days before we begin the work day. Just as we turn that dust into a sketch,in into a paragraph, a painting or an idea, we can create life into a lifeless morning. Like the Phoenix, out of the ashes, we rise into someone who can recreate the ashes into strength and beauty. You have the ability to turn the ordinary into the amazing.

You are not common and your morning commute should not be either. Let your passions, your creativity and strength breathe. Do not be afraid of turning the dust into beauty.

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