The Pastel Palette Method

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Living in the Moment?

This morning many of us are commuting, waiting for this afternoon's winter storm. This air is brisk and gray. All the weather reports speak about the dangerous snow and wind. What do we do? Do we go about as though it is not coming or do we get nervous? 

We can prepare the best we can but in the end we just have to wait and see. I see many people still going about their work day as though the storm is not going. Perhaps this is what we should do? Wayne Dwyer, the philosopher, states that we should live in the moment. Is living " in the moment" a heightened way to live, or is it being unrealistic and living with our head in the sand?

When it comes to creating a painting or drawing it is very important to be prepared and count the cost, materials, time and technique needed to complete; however there needs to be a spontaneity about the work as it progresses or it could be stunted and forced. In essence , I think a combination of the two schools of thoughts is needed to be prepared and live in the moment. 

So we bundle up and we put the salt on the walkways. We watch the weather but we also go to work and we make sure we live in the moment.

God Bless,

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