The Pastel Palette Method

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winter Experiences

India Ink on Wood Panel

Winter is surely here. There is no mistake about this. The temperatures throughout the United States were around zero or below . It reminds me of the "winter experiences" we all share in life. A time when we seek warmth, shelter and protection from the harsh elements in the outside world.

Our Winter experiences are a time for contemplation and memories of the summer that seems like it was a lifetime ago. As artists writers and musicians we hunker down in our studios to create the spring that is within our hearts. The pristine white of the canvas, like that of the carpet of fresh snow outside is just waiting to be renewed into something vibrant and fertile. The dormant buds on the bare tree branch against the steel gray sky is but a drawing of spring's promises.

As creative spirits, we can see the unseen on the blank page or be sparked by a single word to create a poem of extreme warmth and life. Let us see the winter slumber as a time rebirth and hope Its only in the quiet winter mornings can we listen to the still small voice within us all.

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