The Pastel Palette Method

Monday, December 12, 2016

Timothy John-Luke Smith, PSA
"Prosephone in Autumn #2" 
Pastel on wood panel

Seeing the World Through the Four Seasons

About a year ago I started to work on the "Prosephone" series. I was initially inspired by Dante Gabriel Rossetti's version of Prosephone. I am painting the myth of Prosephone as an allegory of  the stages of life and relationships. My paintings and drawings of Prosephone and her situation are even more specific to the four seasons and how Prosephone is effected by this yearly cycle. This is both a very personal and  a universal theme. 

We are all effected by stages of life both on a small and a large scale. Whenever I see the work of other artists depicting subjects in different seasons, I can't help but to think of the seasons of our lives.

For me, Prosephone represents the cycle of trials, struggles, hopes, perseverance and happy times in all our lives. In my life, this has been very much like that of the four seasons. Now that I am getting ready to paint, "Prosephone in Winter", certain feelings and memories of the winter seasons of my life flood past me. Those times were as cold and as long as the winter nights. It seemed as though there was no end in sight. We must remember Prosephone's story, in the spring she returns to Paradise each year.

Prosephone  by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Haystacks by Claude Monet

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