The Pastel Palette Method

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Day 3 My Book: "The Pastel Palette Method", Foam as a paint brush

The Foam Door Hanger Triangles

These are the triangles that we need to use when the foam core triangles are no longer able to apply pastel to the surface effectively. This happens as the surface has a few layers of the pastel pigment and it is no longer effective to scumble the color. The foam core seems to just push the existing surface pigment around, no longer effectively applying new color. This is when we need to apply the pigment with more precision and softer pastel pigment.

These triangles you may purchase at a hobby store, such as Michael’s, or AC Moore, or Hobby Lobby. They are a bit thicker than the foam core. There are used as blank signs that go on the doorknob. They are used as “Do Not Disturb “signs. These soft foam products come in different colors but I recommend that you purchase the white since a brighter color may skew your perception of the color before you apply it to the surface of the painting. I cut these the same way as the foam core triangles and keep them separated from the foam core.

I mix softer pastels on the Pastel Palette with the foam triangle before loading the tip of the triangle with the pigment. I then apply the pigment to the painting surface more deliberately. This enables more detail and control. Just as the foam core triangles, I adjust the tips with a pair of scissors. This can assist you to create a clean tip and to achieve even greater detail when needed.

The foam triangles are good all the way until the completion of the painting. This is the tool I use for the bulk of the painting process. Remember to cut a sufficient number of the foam triangles before each and every painting session. I usually need about 20 per painting.  Remember to use different triangles for different color mixtures. This will ensure that your colors are clean and not muddy.

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