The Pastel Palette Method

Monday, June 11, 2018

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The Pastel Palette Method

The method that I am speaking about is a technique in pastel painting that was born out of a need. I was classically trained at both the High School of Art and Design and the National Academy School of Design in oil painting with a concentration on the figure and the portrait. A few years into my studies, I discovered pastel as a stand-alone painting medium from my teacher Harvey Dinnerstein, and I was immediately hooked. I studied pastels under Harvey Dinnerstein, for several more years and learned how to use and cultivate a love for the medium.

When I left art school and started to paint in pastel in my own studio, I began to feel a limitation in the mixing and application methods of pastels. One the limitations are that you can not mix colors before you apply them to the surface. I loved the way I was able to mix colors on the palette in oil painting before the application of the paint on the surface. With pastels, I could only mix colors on the surface. This was frustrating. This is why most pastel painters have a collection of over a thousand different pastel colors. It was then I decided to explore mixing pastel pigment before I applied the pastel to the surface. It is then that I invented this technique or method, The Pastel Palette Method.

In this book, I will go over the evolution and philosophy of this method and the argument that this is the best way to use the medium. I will also venture to say that this is probably the way pastels should have been used from their earliest days. So, join me as I take you on my journey as a pastel painter and I will share my revolutionary discovery with you.

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